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        M Cortazal, BM Soule, WR Jarvis

        Major Articles

        Reading habits of infection control coordinators in the United States: Peer-reviewed or non–peer-reviewed evidence?616
        RN Olmsted, CP Kowalski, SL Krein, and S Saint
        The influence of nurse cohorting on hand hygiene effectiveness621
        CB Beggs, CJ Noakes, SJ Shepherd, KG Kerr, P Andrew Sleigh, and K Banfield
        Skin reactions related to hand hygiene and selection of hand hygiene products627
        E Larson, R Girard, C Lucia Pessoa-Silva, J Boyce, L Donaldson, and D Pittet
        Prospective cohort study of central venous catheters among internal medicine ward patients636
        WE Trick, J Miranda, AT Evans, M Charles-Damte, BM Reilly, and P Clarke
        Clinical and molecular epidemiology of nursing home–associated Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia642
        AJ Lesse and JM Mylotte
        Increase in tuberculin skin test converters among health care workers after a change from Tubersol to Aplisol651
        KA Gillenwater, SC Sapp, K Pearce, and GK Siberry
        Risk of infection and tracking of work-related infectious diseases in the funeral industry655
        S Salter Davidson and WH Benjamin Jr
        A pilot study to measure the compressive and tensile forces required to use retractable intramuscular safety syringes661
        D Haiduven, S Applegarth, H DiSalvo, S Mangipudy, J Konopack, and J Fisher

        Practice Forum

        An enhanced benchmark for prosthetic joint replacement infection rates669
        S Barnes, C Salemi, D Fithian, L Akiyama, D Barron, E Eck, and K Hoare

        Brief Reports

        The effect of random voice hand hygiene messages delivered by medical, nursing, and infection control staff on hand hygiene compliance in intensive care673
        M McGuckin, A Shubin, P McBride, S Lane, K Strauss, D Butler, and A Pitman
        Burden of tuberculosis in Serbia676
        Z Gledovic, H Vlajinac, T Pekmezovic, S Grujicic-Sipetic, A Grgurevic, and D Pesut

        Letter to the Editor

        Jack o'Lantern—scarier than you think!680
        Y Nagano, BC Millar, A Loughrey, CE Goldsmith, PJ Rooney, JE Moore, and JS Elborn

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