APIC President's Message

      Welcome to the American Journal of Infection Control. Amazingly, we are close to midyear for 2008. As we reach this point, I am happy to report that the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) is making significant progress in implementing the goals from APIC's strategic plan.
      An important prevailing element of APIC's strategic plan is focus on the profession of Infection Prevention and Control. The ever-changing health care environment requires that APIC take the lead in defining the scope and breadth of the specialty of Infection Prevention and Control. Where are we heading? What skills and competencies will we need to be proactive and cutting edge within our organization or setting? What systems need to be analyzed to reduce the risk of health care-associated infections?
      In this issue of AJIC, Denise Murphy, RN, BSN, MPH, CIC; Ruth Carrico, PhD, RN, CIC; and Kathy Warye, APIC CEO, share with us “Building the Infection Prevention System of Tomorrow: Proceedings from the 2007 APIC Futures Summit.” This article was written following a dynamic and extensive 2-day summit in 2007 with APIC leaders, industry leaders, health care futurists, and professional colleagues. One of the most valuable components of this Summit was having professionals participate who are not embedded in infection prevention and control as their daily work. Their objectivity and input were critical to the success of the Summit and APIC's ability to formulate future strategies. Those of you who heard Kathy and Denise present at the 2007 Annual Conference will now be able to read and digest this important material.
      Building on the changing environment for Infection Prevention and Control, the Certification Board of Infection Control continuously analyzes your practice to ensure the exam content is relevant. Certification in Infection Prevention and Control is the single most important method for Infection Prevention and Control professionals in the United States to demonstrate mastery of their subject matter. In this issue of AJIC, Ruth Churchoe, RN, MSN, CIC; Lawrence Fabrey, PhD; and Mary LeBlanc, RN, share with us “The Changing Role of Infection Prevention Practice as Documented by the CBIC Practice Analysis Survey.” This careful look at our practice further supports the ever-dynamic nature of the Infection Prevention and Control profession.


      A special thanks to the hard working editorial staff at AJIC for another excellent publication!