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        Airborne Infection Control

        President's Message

        APIC President's Message231
        J Frain

        Special Article

        Building the infection prevention system of tomorrow: Proceedings of the 2007 APIC Futures Summit232
        D Murphy, R Carrico, and K Warye

        Major Articles

        The changing role of infection prevention practice as documented by the Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology practice analysis survey241
        R Curchoe, L Fabrey, and M LeBlanc
        The ventilation of multiple-bed hospital wards: Review and analysis250
        CB Beggs, KG Kerr, CJ Noakes, EA Hathway, and PA Sleigh
        Pilot study of directional airflow and containment of airborne particles in the size of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in an operating room260
        RN Olmsted
        Appraisal of recommended respiratory infection control practices in primary care and emergency department settings268
        W Turnberg, W Daniell, N Seixas, T Simpson, J Van Buren, E Lipkin, and J Duchin
        Surgical mask filter and fit performance276
        T Oberg and LM Brosseau
        Role of the infectious diseases specialist consultant on the appropriateness of antimicrobial therapy prescription in an intensive care unit283
        E Raineri, A Pan, P Mondello, A Acquarolo, A Candiani, and L Crema
        Relationship between lumen diameter and length sterilized in the 125L ozone sterilizer291
        S Dufresne, H Leblond, and M Chaunet

        Brief Reports

        Implementing fit testing for N95 filtering facepiece respirators: Practical information from a large cohort of hospital workers298
        E McMahon, K Wada, and A Dufresne
        A novel approach to improve influenza vaccination rates among health care professionals: A prospective randomized controlled trial301
        S Doratotaj, ML Macknin, and S Worley
        Evaluation of the risk of infection through exposure to aerosols and spatters in dentistry304
        ML Cristina, AM Spagnolo, M Sartini, M Dallera, G Ottria, R Lombardi, and F Perdelli

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        Information for and December 2007, pages 13A-15A
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