In: Edwards JR, Peterson KD, Andrus ML, Dudeck MA, Pollock DA, Horan TC: National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) Report, data summary for 2006 through 2007, issued November 2008. Am J Infect Control 2008; 36:609-26. Two minor errata that do not affect the conclusions appeared in the published version are correct as follows:
        • 1.
          In Table 3, the footnotes should read
          • =Number of CLABSINumber of central-line-days×1000
          • =Numberofcentral-line-daysNumberof patientdays
        • 2.
          In Table 10, the pooled mean umbilical catheter-associated BSI rates for level II/III NICUs by Birth-weight category should read
        Tabled 1
        Birth-weight categoryNo. of locationsNo. of UCABUmbilical catheter - daysPooled mean
        <=750 grams36569,4185.9
        751-1000 grams37178,6962.0
        1001-1500 grams38128,9571.3
        1501-2500 grams3868,8060.7
        >2500 grams40913,0550.7
        The authors wish to thank readers who notified CDC of these corrections.

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