In the article, “Antibiotic Information Application Offers Nurses Quick Support” by Wentzel et al, in the June issue of the American Journal of Infection Control (2016;44:677-84), Jos Geesing does not have a PhD.

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        • Antibiotic information application offers nurses quick support
          American Journal of Infection ControlVol. 44Issue 6
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            Nurses often work in complex medical settings and are required to check and act on various information flows and actual patient progress.1,2 This results in a high cognitive load, with risks of errors and suboptimal care.3 As more and more information and communication systems are in place to provide up-to-date information,4 integrated displays facilitate the timely processing and interpretation of information in clinical settings.5 With such systems, it is especially important that the design and content are adjusted to the target group with respect to their cognitive tasks and processes and the specific (clinical) setting in which they are used.
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