International Infection Prevention Week: A time to celebrate infection preventionists and raise awareness of the profession

        International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW) takes place October 15-21, 2017; the theme is antibiotic resistance. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that annually, at least 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths are caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the United States alone.
        • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
        Antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance.
        The rise in antibiotic resistance is one of the top public health threats facing the world today. Therefore, it is critical for infection preventionists to help health care professionals across the continuum preserve antibiotics for the future, and highlight the importance of infection prevention.
        APIC has resources and tools to help maximize your impact during IIPW and all year long. Everything you need is on the Infection Prevention and You Web site: The APIC Communications Committee works throughout the year to update these pages with new information and tools you can use to educate both consumer and health care professional audiences. See what we have to offer:
        Download and print free infographics
        All downloadable materials from the Infection Prevention and You Web site are print-ready and free. Useful for any setting, they clearly explain infection prevention topics in visual formats. Download, print, post, and share these infection prevention infographic posters with your infection prevention team, health care providers, and patients and families.
        New this year, the APIC Communications Committee has adapted the ABCs of Antibiotics infographic for health care professional audiences. This free infographic will help health care professionals learn the importance of antibiotic stewardship and ways to help educate their patients as well.
        Share ready-made social media posts
        Are you looking for an easy way to join the #infectionprevention conversation on social media? APIC has created ready-made social media posts that you can copy, paste, and share.
        Plan a party
        The best way to celebrate is with cake! Visit the IIPW section of the Web site to download your party checklist. We have ideas for everybody's budget and time commitment.
        Take and share quizzes and polls
        APIC has polls and quizzes that are a fun way to engage your staff. Do you know the ABCs of Antibiotics? Which germ are you? What's your germ pet peeve? Test your knowledge and have a little fun!
        Watch infection prevention videos
        Are you looking for an infection prevention video to share with your facility? APIC has many videos on a variety of infection prevention topics. You'll see videos promoting infection prevention best practices that will make you laugh, cry, reflect, strategize, tap your feet, and even sing along. You may even learn a thing or 2.
        Access APIC's resources on antimicrobial resistance and stewardship
        To help infection preventionists quickly access important resources, APIC has curated information on key infection prevention topics and created topic-specific Web pages. On the antimicrobial stewardship page, you can find relevant APIC Text chapters, webinars, implementation guides, and resources from external organizations (eg, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Heart Association, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). Additionally, the topic-specific resource pages have materials available for both health care professional and consumer audiences. Visit for more information.
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          • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
          Antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance.
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