Since the publication of Casey ML, Hawley B, Edwards N, Cox-Ganser JM, Cummings KJ. Health problems and disinfectant product exposure among staff at a large multispecialty hospital. Am J Infect Control 2017;45(10):1133-1138, the authors were notified of a reporting error by the contract laboratory affecting the acetic acid values reported in the manuscript. The published acetic acid values were biased by a factor of 1.66 and the authors were provided corrected values. In addition, the authors noted that the concentrations of some air samples were below their respective limits of detection (LOD). Nine hydrogen peroxide, 11 peracetic acid, and 5 acetic acid samples were below their respective LODs. The method described by Ganser and Hewett was used to impute values for samples below their associated LODs (Ganser GH, Hewett P. An Accurate Substitution Method for Analyzing Censored Data. J Occup Environ Hyg 2010;7:233-44). The authors were provided the corrected air sampling values in February 2018.
        These changes did not affect the overall conclusions, associations or major findings of the original article. However, the following corrections should be noted:
        On page 1136 the average air measurements for the labor and delivery department should read:
        The labor and delivery department had the highest average measurements of hydrogen peroxide (165.63 ppb) and peracetic acid (25.13 ppb) and the second highest average of acetic acid (142.85 ppb).
        Also on page 1136, the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists' (ACGIH) additive mixture formula results should read:
        ACGIH mixture categories were comprised of the following departments: low (outpatient clinic at 0.053, medical-surgical unit at 0.061, and postpartum-antepartum unit at 0.075), medium (intensive care unit at 0.145, oncology unit at 0.148, and postpartum unit at 0.185), and high (neonatal intensive care unit at 0.190, a medical-surgical unit at 0.235, and labor and delivery unit at 0.306).

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